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Fencing classes at Viera Community Center


Fencing lessons with Brevard Co. Parks and Recs.

Learn fencing at Viera Community Center. Monday’s 5:30 to 6:30, Thursday’s 6 to 7.

Ages 9/8 and up, Equipment provided. Come out and learn how to use a sword.

321-258-1054 Iron Works Fencing/Coach Arthur

New Hours for 2021

Class will be meeting Monday’s 5:30 to 6:30, Thursday 6 to 7 Viera Community Center. For more info call 321-258-1054

Fencing lessons Viera Community Center

Fencing lessons at Viera Regional Park 5 to 6 Monday’s and Wednesday’s. Equipment provided. $10. a lesson. for more info call 321-258-1054. Ask for coach Arthur

Fencing lessons Viera Community Center

Fencing lessons are available at the Viera Community Center
ages 9 and up. Equipment provided

Fencing classes at Viera Community Center!


Fencing lessons are held at the Viera Community Center. Ages 9 and up. Equipment provided. Learn fencing, and have fun. Call 321-258-1054. Classes are Monday’s 5:30 to 6:30, Wednesday’s 6 to 7


Summer Fencing lessons with Brevard Co. Parks and Recs.

Fencing classes at Viera Community Center. Great for kids. Equipment provided. Ages 8 and up. Learn fencing. If you have always wanted know how to use a sword, here’s you’re chance. 321-258-1054

Summer fencing lessons with Brevard County Parks and Recs.

Fencing classes for kids and adults are available through Brevard Co. Parks and Recs. Fencing lessons, Fencing classes in Melbourne Florida, with Iron Works Fencing Club. Affordable fencing classes! All equipment provided! Learn fencing!